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post @ 2017-12-31

Most of the programming languages support multiple ways of handling errors, for example try-catching, value-checking, popping errors in the stack. Learning go I found the approach of this language is way different: you can let a function return an error (and eventual result(s)), thus not throwing any kind of error, and not returning “special values” like, for example, PHP’s json_decode (which can return true, false, NULL, stdClass or even an array!).

In this article I’ll describe what I found being (for me) the most elegant and convenient way of handling errors in Go.

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post @ 2017-12-31

It is tradition in the developers’ world to start off with a “Hello World” application.

This is mine :D

Sooooo… hello, world! This is the n-th declination of my website. I previously
wrote my website’s themes, using whatever implementation of “who knows” of a CMS.
I’ve now moved to Hexo, a minimalistic, static-generator blog / website application
written for node. So far, so great!

This blog will focus on the things I do in my profession and in my side-works (more to follow).

So… Keep calm and good retro style navigation!

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