About me

Always striving to learn something new, be a better person and increase my own skills, I am a self-tought senior software engineer. I seek a carreer in team and product management in the web and network companies.

This is me


My skills range from team management to software engineering and development.

This is not a complete list, but the abilities I daily use.

Personal skills
  • Italian mothertongue
  • Brittish English proficient use
  • Piano and cello player
  • Photographer
  • Cyclist
  • Traveler
  • Dreamer
Agile methodologies (and mixes of them)
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
Main programming languages
  • PHP proficient use with Symfony framework, Doctrine ORM/ODM
  • JavaScript / ECMAScript proficient use for frontend development, alongside the use of software like Webpack, eslint and the React.js framework
  • Golang good knowledge, used for high-performance micro services and personal projects
Programming paradigms and methodologies
  • Software testing (unit / integration) (PHPUnit, integrated Go testing framework, JavaScript’s jest)
  • Coding standard (PHP’s PSR, Go’s own standard, JavaScript’s eslint)
  • MVC / MVVM
  • APIJavaScript-driven web applications
Services, servers and daemons
  • Big data streams managament (AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda)
  • Queue systems (RabbitMQ, AWS SQS)
  • Lambda functions (AWS Lambda, AWS X-Rays)
  • Software monitoring (AWS CloudWatch w/ alarms, Graylog 2)
  • Docker and docker-compose for both development and production environments
  • PostgreSQL as SQL database
  • MongoDB as NoSQL database
Programming software
  • PHPStorm for PHP development
  • Atom for Go and JavaScript development
Operating systems
  • Linux for development and (headless) production
  • Windows

Work experiences

Audiens s.r.l. (December 2017 - today)

This company was a startup under the same group of the previous job (now under Bango plc), so they asked me to join the team, thanks to the work I’d done for the Adv platform. As senior software engineer I had the opportunity to help with the standardization of the code, the development environment (using Docker), to create a data lake, maintain some software integrations and organising some developer days.

Gruppo DigiTouch (DigiTouch s.p.a.) (April 2017 - December 2017)

Moving to the next job, it was proposed to me to finish and maintain a multi-tenant, three years in the work Adv campaigns reporting software written in PHP. It was really a challenge as no tests were written, no manual tests had been done before, and thus the development was painfully slow. The project was considered frozen at the end of the year.

ProntoPro.it (February 2016 - April 2017)

After a medium-sized software house experience, I entered the startups world. As second developer of the young platform, I had to face for the first time the problems related to big data, complex logics and mass communications. Under the leadership of the main developer, I learnt the unit and functional testing and had the possibility to study and integrate the virtualization technologies, in particular Docker (for both development and production environments).

AGS s.p.a / SSD s.r.l. (September 2014 - February 2016)

Moving from a small web company to a medium-sized software house was a big move. I quickly learnt C# and entered a team of four people building a custom CRM for a client, learning the MVC paradigm. After that I was given the responsibility to manage the development of a couple of small domotic and projects with 2-3 people in the team.

MazzMedia s.r.l. (December 2013 - Aygyst 2014)

My very first job. As a small web agency, my main responsibility was to understand the customers’ needs and create the websites. It was there when I first learnt about the software frameworks (IonizeCMS first, based on CodeIgniter)


  • Informatica Musicale, Universit√† degli Studi di Milano (Milan, Italy) 2010 - interrupted
  • Liceo Classico, high school diploma, Istituto Vittoria Colonna (Milan, Italy) 2006
Giacomo Furlan Written by:

Giacomo Furlan is a software engineer focused on complex backend architectures written in PHP and Golang.

His aim is to succesfully manage a team of collegues in order to achieve the company's goals in synergy, maximising the efforts.

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