My journey begins

Some time ago I decided to create my personal *blogfolio* (i.e. blog and portfolio) in order to show to the internet my knowledge, my ideas, my works and my thoughts.

After searching for a while for a proper CMS (I hate Wordpress due to its hugeness), I opted for AnchorCMS, a very light blogging system, which not only allows me to easily create my own template (yes, it's really 1-2-3), but to simply fit my needs without any eye-candy or super-advanced feature I'll probably never use.

The website is divided into four main sections: the home-page, the journal (where I write about general things like this), the experiments (both web and mobile, where I write ideas, concepts and possibly tutorials on them) and the portfolio.

P.S. The template is still in the works ;-)

Enjoy your stay!

- 4th June 2013

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