IonizeCMS, a review

Hello! It's been a while since I last wrote on my website. Today I'm going to write you about IonizeCMS, a content management system based on CodeIgniter.

Well, I was hired by a web-services company and this is the main reason why I had little to no time, compared to before, for writing on my blogfolio. In these few months I even further expanded my skills, optimising what I learnt in the past years as self-taught developer. In this period I experienced with a particular CMS, the one that the company is currently using, i.e. IonizeCMS.

This CMS is being developed and maintained by partikule, a french web agency. It's open-source, hosted on github and it's under the MIT licence.

There are a couple of pros and cons about this CMS, let's see the PROs:

Now the CONs:

What can I say? I'll always prefere this kind of CMS to Wordpress or Joomla, because it's essential and allows you to do whatever you like to do (even if you'll find less examples and you'll find harder to develop at the beginning).

Wordpress is, in my humble opinion, too much blog-oriented: you can of course create a non-blogging website with it, but the backend and the logics behind it will screech very loud. Also creating themes for it is just complicated and forces you to learn a lot of APIs before even start templating.

Joomla is based (always IMHO) on an old concept of web portal, and still continues its way. At this moment it's not a portal, it's not a blog system, it's... nothing and everything. It's API reaches an incredible amount of classes and they're constantly updated, forcing the developer a constant maintenance of his/her own plugins and scripts.

Of course these two CMSs are well-known and have plenty of plugins and shiny things, but they're too big to be maintained.

What's my feeling towards IonizeCMS? I think it kicks asses, still it kicks my own :P

- 2nd March 2014

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