Adobe's Brackets, an opensource web editor

Since I started programming and scripting, I knew several editors. Everyone had its pros and cons, starting from notepad, gedit up to TextWrangler, Notepad++ or Sublime Text. Today I'll let you know about Brackets, a new, opensource web editor!

It's still not at its 1.0 release, but I already think it will rock among the others. For sure it doesn't have the same number of Sublime Text's plugins (which I'm currently using), but it still has all the numbers to let a web developer write pages in an easier way.

Brackets is written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Wait, what? Yes, in the same languages you're used to write, so that you're already able to write plugins for it! And it's cross-platform, so that you can use it in Windows, OSX or Linux.

But let's take a closer look to it: it does not only support basic syntax highlighting. It supports local path hints (ever tabbed to look for the precise name of THAT asset?), it allows for in-line CSS editing (with the "quick editor" shortcut you're able to actually write CSS in the file(s) linked to the HTML page). It even has an instant-preview of all the HTML/CSS changes! You write in Brackets, you see in the browser (Chrome only for now). It is even fast, maybe not as fast as Sublime Text, but faster than other editors. It even supports SCSS syntax (I work with SCSS, I don't know if it supports LESS, but I bet it does). It doesn't actually support source maps for the quick editor, but it's still in a beta stage.

Coming from Sublime Text 2 I'm still missing some features, like search by double click, brackets auto-completion, but it has some cool things implemented without the need of any plugin, like JSLint.

Why have I tried Brackets? How did I knew about it? As I've already written, I'm currently using SublimeText 2, the free version, and while it's free, every 5 minutes when I save it prompts me to buy the licence. Pretty annoying for someone like me who saves every 10 seconds or so. And to be honest 70$ for a text editor... it's too much.

What to say? Try it and thank me for letting you know if you'll find it cool!

- 3rd April 2014

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